De Wildt

Our motto: Hike more, worry less…


Imagine a space where you can become one with nature and take in the beautiful surrounds of the majestic Magaliesberg Mountains, just the place to recharge your soul.  


De Wildt Adventure Trails are situated approximately 30 minutes from Pretoria and 45 minutes from Johannesburg close to Hartbeespoort.

De Wildt hiking trails are pet friendly.

Que Sera Sera – escape from reality in our beautiful, tranquil picnic area with amazing braai facilities, order your braai packs, side dishes, or other dishes from their menu. 


Book an adventurous children’s birthday party with a hike on the Kiepersol and lunch and party favors afterwards – being in nature challenges both the bodies and minds of children.


Come enjoy a relaxing hike or challenging run on The Kiepersol – a  1 to 7.5km trail. This trail is perfect both for the beginner and intermediate hiker.  


Try the more challenging Peglerea Trail, a moderate to difficult 9km hike with magnificent views of the surrounding areas.  If you are up for a challenge, join the Ktatu loop – this will extend your hike to 12.5km.


The Euphorbia is their most difficult trail, 18km.

This trail is a combination of the Peglerae, Dinaneni and Ktatu trails. Ideal for  trail runners and experienced hikers.

Trails: (Pet friendly)

Euphorbia Trail

  • Description: 18km hike
  • Difficult trail
This trail is a combination of the Peglerae, Dinaneni and Ktatu trails. Ideal for trail runners and experienced hikers.


  • Description: 12,5km hike
  • Moderate/ difficult trail
This trail is a western extension to the Peglerae Trail this trail is a physical challenge that has extremely beautiful views.

Dinaneni Trail

Description: 12.5km hike
Moderate trail that is an extension to the east of the Peglerae Trail.
This trail has beautiful rock formations and grass lands.

Peglerae Trail

Description: 6,5 to 9km hike
Moderate trail that has beautiful views of Harbeespoort dam and its surroundings.

Kiepersol Trail

Description: 1 to 7,5km easy trail, family and pet friendly.

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