Ezemvelo Hiking Trail

Our motto: Hike more, worry less…


Ezemvelo Hiking Trail offers 3 different hiking trails. You will hike through the different habitats of the reserve amongst the game grazing around you. You may get closer to the animals than you would be in your car. Hiking trails will take you where your car can’t go, on top of a kopi or along a nice stream.


Co-ordinates (front gate): S25.70827 E28.93005


Ochna Trail

  • Walk through grassland and small koppie.
  • 4km (1h − 1h30)
  • Easy
  • Latest start time: summer − 16:30, winter − 15:30

Protea Trail

  • Walk through grassland, small koppie, rocky area, newly burnt area.ie.
  • 14.6km (3h30)
  • Easy (except for a steep part down a koppie, where the rocks can be loose)
  • Latest start time: summer − 15:00, winter − 14:000

Burkea Trail

  • Walk through grassland, small koppie, rocky area, edge of the rocky koppie.
  • 21km (4h30 − 5h)
  • Tough (long and the part North of the reserve on the side of the koppie can be tricky)
  • Latest start time: summer − 13:30, winter − 12:30
Price Available On Request

Contact 082 663 6168 or 064 523 1807
Email info@ecotrail.co.za


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