Wathaba Hiking Trail

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Magalies Voetslaan Federasie Awarded Wathaba Hiking Trails The Best Trail For 2015.
Wathaba Also Won The Best Trail In 2007 And 2012.

Wathaba Whereabouts

The breath taking Wathaba Hiking Trails is situated 20.8 km from Machadodorp on route to Badplaas, a mere three hours from Johannesburg and Pretoria. This hiking destination in Mpumalanga offers all hikers and nature lovers a piece of heaven, with its tranquillity and beautiful surroundings.

Wathaba is a wilderness area in the Skurweberg Mountains boasting magnificent waterfalls, fauna and flora like wild flowers, mushrooms and lichens. Its indigenous kloof vegetation with over a hundred different identified and marked tree species (some of record size) is home to an array of some of Mpumalanga’s most spectacular bird life. Birds such as the Bald Ibis, Knysna Loerie and Long-tailed Wagtail, to mention a few, occur here, as well as a variety of small mammals, reptiles and amphibians.

Take a Walk on the Wildside

A 3 minute walk upstream from the base camps brings you to the stunning WATHABA RAINBOW FALLS and a natural pool surrounded by wild flowers and dense forest vegetation. During the summer the water is cool and refreshing, especially after a walk up the mountain. In the winter it is cold and only the bravest go swimming. There are two well marked hiking trails with a variety of tree species, birdlife, wild flowers and plenty of waterfalls. The BOSBOKROETE is 4km and the LYNX LOOP is about 10km.


The 10km Lynx Loop is very well marked. There are five waterfalls which can all be seen along the trail. Lana’s pool, Fertility Falls, Kiepersolval, Varingval and the Cascades. Some of the waterfalls have beautiful pools where one can swim in the crystal clear water.

There are many steps, ladders and bridges along the well marked trail.Most of the indigenous trees along the trails are marked.

The 4km Bosbokroete is a fairly easy trail and also very well marked. The whole trail is built alongside the Schoonspruit river. You pass the Wathaba Rainbow Falls, on your left, which can be seen from above.


Bottlebrush Haven

Bottlebrush Haven is situated alongside the Schoonspruit Stream, is slightly primitive, but very convenient, accommodating minimum 6 adults, maximum 16 people and minimum 2 nights.

There are three different sleeping rooms, sleeping 6, 6 and 4 people.

The kitchen is very spacious and convenient with an under-cover ‘braai’ in case of rain. There is also an outdoor braai under the clear skies and stars.

Bottlebrush Haven’s ablution has two spacious double showers, a unique zinc tub (don’t forget the bubble bath!) and two very spacious flush toilets which is also suitable for dressing rooms.

We supply mattresses with clean covers, BUT you need to bring your own bedding i.e. sleeping bag or duvet or blankets and pillows, whichever is suitable for you.

Bottlebrush Haven can be wheelchair friendly on request. When notified in advance we can place the portable ramps in position before arrival.

Kiepersol Kamp

Kiepersol Kamp is situated alongside the Schoonspruit stream and accommodating minimum 12 adults, maximum 24 people and minimum 2 nights. It is a very comfortable and convenient camp, slightly primitive as there is no electricity. The huge kitchen, with an undercover braai in case of rain, is very convenient. There are four different sleeping rooms, sleeping 5, 5, 5 and 8.

The ablution has spacious and very clean flush toilets, double showers and a zinc tub. Ample toilet paper is supplied.


Waterbessie accommodating a minimum of 6 adults, maximum 12 people and minimum two nights is slightly different to the other camps as it has a fully equipped kitchen up to the egg whisk, four gas plates for cooking, two gas lamps and two battery operated lights. The ‘open plan’, loft style, sleeping room (12m x 8m) has an indoor fireplace which serves as the “donkey” for warm water for the two showers and dishwashing water, and ‘braaing’ in case of rain. It also warms up the room during Winter! The outside braai is just temporary as we are planning to build proper outside ‘braai’ facilities alongside the Schoonspruit river. The flush toilets are 25m away at Kiepersol Kamp’s ablution.

Mountain Creek Cabin

Mountain Creek Cabin is a cosy, comfortable and quaint cabin sleeping 2-4 guests. The cabin is self- catering, fully equipped, private and exclusive. One double bed and two single beds

Price Available On Request

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